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Hello, I'm Eva,

a graphic designer who is passionate about how we combine art, business, and technology to make products and services that benefit people’s everyday lives.  The process of design is a journey to me, and I enjoy the opportunity to learn thoroughly along the delightful path.


If I want to find a word to describe myself I would say water. It is so adaptive that it easily fits in any shape of container, just like how I am open to adapt to all new things: new environment, new people and new techniques. Meanwhile water also means perseverance, it lasts long and is so durable that it surmounts mountains and rocks. At the same time, water is inclusive, it hugs other objects and absorbs as much as it could.


I would love to create work that improves our life, portraits aesthetics of design, and lead a lifestyle. I am looking forward to working with people that inspires me and are engaging the world.


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Meet Eva

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